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Telecommunication Transmission Towers and Substation Structures

ASTL an ISO 9001-2000 certified Company staeted operation in the field of Transmission & Telecommunication Structures in 1985 and is approved by Power grid Corporation of India NTPL, Electricity Boards etc.  ASTL name is an internationally renowned in Power, Telecom, Water and the Industrial sector with a reputation for quality, Precession and timely executions.

ASTL products are used in diverse field of Cellular  telephony, Microwave Communication Links, Transmission and Lighting Towers, Sub Station Structures, Transmission Line Masterials and many more.

ASTL has year of expertise in-offering these products as Indian & International Equivalent Standard Specification.

ASTL strength lies in the manufacture of new designed with quick proto type designed, which ensures faster deliveries of our products to client's side.

ASTL have the experties in design & maintenance High & Light Tower which reflects our efficient engineer skills & expertisation.

With ASTL experience and potential, we do provide products at competitive prices, also for four Legged Square Lattice Steel Tower, Three legged Tubular steel Tower etc.

ASTL technology offers its capability design & manufacture of Tower & Substation Structures.
State of the-art-of-infrastructure, the latest machines and well trained man power, ensure repeated accuracy in the production of all components, eliminating mis-match at side.


We also undertake design & manufacture of :
• Radar Tower
• Railway Electrifacation Structure
• Any Form of Lattice Tower Structure as per customer design & requirment.

ASTL point to point Inspection, right form row material to finished products completed by quality control insures a quality products every time. All welding done at our plant is done by certified welders and is governed by different welding cade & practises.

The Telecommunication Tower are manufactured as per BSNL- 20,40 M Narrow Base Light Weight Tower, Roof Top Tower of size & 30 M.

ASTL is approved by BSNL & has obtained Infrastructure Assessment Advice from M/s BSNL, No. CGH OA/TSTC/ND/1A/ 08-09/012 dated 23.04.2008 for following:


Sl. No.
1 40M Narrow Base Tower GR/TWR-04/01 DEC-00
2 60M Narrow Base Towercellular system GR/TWR-10/01 NOV-04
3 40M Tower for Cellular System ( Up to 170 Kmph Wind speed) GR/TWR-12/01 JAN-05
4 Roof Top Tower for Cellular Mobile System ( 10-15.20.25 & 30M) Tower for Cellular GR/TWR-09/01 FEB-04
5 System 20 30 UOM GR/TWR-11/01 DEC-04
ASTL has also obtained TSEC Vide No. TSEC/ND/TWR-04/01/448 FF-2009 dated 04.02.2009 for 40M Narrow Light Weight Tower from M/s Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

Detailed technical specification for 40M Narrow base Light weight Tower (Spec. GR/TWR-04/01 DEC-200)
Four legged 40M narrow Light Weight Microwave Tower with base of 2 meter square & Top 0.950 meter square, consist of 8 segments, each of 5M (suitable to install parabolic antenna of amaller diameter of tower heights) manufacture from Angles, Guard, Splice Plates, Nut Bolts, Washers, Ladder, Platform etc.

Ladder is provided right externally from the ground level up to 35M & internally from 35 to 40 M with safety rings, Working Plate from with railing all around provided.

Tower are designed to withstand the wind velocity of 200 Km/hr.

Provisions for Lighting Arrestor, earthing Antenna mounting etc. are provided as per specification.

Tower are designed for 3 types or soils i.e. hard, rocky, medium & soft, with bearing capacity as 200KW / m, 100 KW / m, 60KW / m respectively.